2.600 [DOHA]

Total size
2600 m2
Doha, Qatar
The Concept

The site for design is located in the capital of Qatar - Doha, in the Al-Mamoura district. The client, a young businesswoman and mother of four, dreamed of an exclusive project with a spa-retreat atmosphere, a house made of light beige stone and brushed black metal that would last for many years, with a large courtyard, a swimming pool and a waterfall. The main idea of the architectural solution is a combination of piers, ledges and niches between them.

A large two-storey family villa with a total area of 2600 m2 has already become the third international project of our studio and the first project of the Eastern region.
The Project

The studio was faced with a difficult task to design a project for the reconstruction of facades, without the possibility of making any adjustments to the previously approved planning solution.

At the entrance, the hosts and their guests are greeted by chrome sculptures by Tony Cragg. Two large volumes of the building form the visual axis of the facade, which is supported by a massive ornamented door and dark metal canopy. The contrasting combination of light walls and black metal finishes make the main entrance a bright accent of the front facade.
The main idea of the architectural solution is a combination of piers, ledges and niches between them. The architects sought the visual aesthetics of the interpenetration of architecture and the surrounding space. The walls of the house and the fence literally lose their visual mass, become light, and at the same time form a dynamic image of the house, saturated with the play of light and shadow. The house is surrounded by a 3 m high solid fence - a mandatory safety precaution for Doha.
The key finishing material is light beige large-format porcelain stoneware with a minimum thickness and a matte finish, without a pronounced texture. Laconic architecture and a light materials convey an atmosphere of premium comfort, almost like in the world's best spa retreats. The sunrays passing through columns and metal slats cast beautiful shadows.
The most important space in the project is the courtyard, completely hidden from prying eyes from the street and separated by a high fence from the neighboring plot. The window of the cozy living room overlooks the pool with a waterfall. Large stained glass blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior. In the center of the yard is a swimming pool with an automatic submersible cover for the safety of children. The non-slip floor covering (natural dark wood) has been specially designed to eliminate fall accidents.
In the shady part of the house there is a large lounge area with a group of sofas and a dining area with furniture from B&B Italia, and on the sunny side we placed sun loungers. On the second floor, next to the master block, there is a family terrace with furniture in pastel herbal and pink colours. Behind it is a separate corridor for staff, decorated with metal slats.