RU is a team of specialists with a diverse experience in architecture and interior design: we create different projects – from small apartments to private residences and world-class public spaces. As of 2023, we have become a multinational team of more than 20 specialists, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

The creative concept of our studio is based on a balance between laconic atmosphere and expressive details. We create functional and ergonomic projects that keep up with the location, natural landscape, lifestyle and our clients’ dreams. We are passionate about timeless architecture and design, that is created without tendencies for momentary fashion, but rather remains beautiful and functional for ages. Our mission is to create projects that will look relevant for many years.

We believe that buildings and their environments should be deeply symbiotic, where projects do really belong to their site and forms can follow the aesthetical concept. We aim to create iconic projects that are sensitive to context, climate and adapt to individual lifestyle. Tactile textures, laconic forms of furniture, clean lines, discreet colours, minimalist aesthetics and predominant use of natural materials have already become the very essence of every our project. An integral part of the design process is custom furniture development of furniture, lighting objects and decor. Attention to every detail is the essence of every project that gives a unique personality to the space itself. We advocate for discreet, elegant, thoughtful luxury, the luxury of understanding the value and quality of life.

We regularly participate in local and international architectural competitions, as well as develop independent conceptual projects.